🗞 EQ News

EP4 Silicon Valley Secrets

🗞EQ News: EP4 Silicon Valley Secrets Edition 

Hey Inclusive Innovators! I went to an electrifying private conference in Silicon Valley this weekend & with Tech Week in SF & LA just around the corner, I am excited to give you fresh insights from the tech innovation epicentres.

Please take a look at 7 of my takeaways from Culture Shift below. EP4 I'll share the latest tech news and a sneak peek into the exciting week ahead. Stay tuned for insightful perspectives on Silicon Valley from an inclusive lens.

Just hit reply if you want the complete list of events for tech week in SF & LA!

Now, let’s go!!

Again, shoutout to our amazing community! 🎉 Your commitment to inclusivity earned us the 2023 DEI Influencer by Staffing Industry Analysts title last week. Let's keep pushing boundaries together!

 1️⃣ Careers:

💼U.S. Economy Adds 428k Jobs in April, Unemployment Rate Stable at 3.6% 📊near a 50-year low.

Job gains were seen across various sectors, including professional services, hospitality, transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

Featured roles
  • Art of Problem-Solving in San Diego, CA, seeks a Director of Growth Marketing ($140k - $160k). It's a chance to drive innovative strategies and campaigns.

  • Schrödinger needs a Director of Global Tax in New York or Portland ($175,000 - $200,000). The role blends technology and pharmaceutical science, leading global tax provisions.

2️⃣ Community:

💡 7 of my takeaways from Culture Shift Conference 💡

Shout out To Andrea @ Culture Shift, Imo @ Mozilla SVP Innovation, Sinclair & UBS bank Team.

🚀 Think big, act small: Trust intuition and refine

🌍 Expect greatness, then you will find it when you explore any environment

💡 Inclusion: time for actionable outcomes. We are the wave!

 🔑 Novel Data is the new Gold 🏆

📺 ADVERTISE VIDEO ON DEMAND (AVOD) is exploding, It is not to be confused with streaming subscriptions, i.e Netflix

💼 Teachers moving from Africa to the UK POST BREXIT

📚 Word of the Week: Autodidactic - self-learned

🎙️EQ Community Spotlight🎙️

This week, we're shining a light on our community member's podcast, now live on Spotify! 🎧

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 3️⃣ Conversation:

Inclusive Creators panel -@ Culture Shift Silicon Valley

At Culture, shift Jeff Clanagan, President of Heartbeat Productions, made a key point: “While content is king, distribution is the emperor.” This insight struck a chord as a reminder to share your story or initiative (and this newsletter). It gives it life.

From an entertainment sector perspective, Nate Parker, founder and CEO of an innovative new platform Mansa.com, resonated by sharing the nuance, "Advertising video on demand is exploding. People are tired of paying for another streaming service, but people are in if you can get it for free with ads."

These takeaways reflect the conference's vibrant discussions, inspiring us to innovate, collaborate, and shape a brighter future!

 4️⃣ Capital:

Africa Rising 🚀

Africa's vibrant youth are scripting their success story, offering a rich narrative for global innovators 65% of the population is under 25.

🔍 Critical Milestones

Keep pushing boundaries, stay curious, and keep innovating, inclusive innovators! 🌟 

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Until next week, let's keep our minds open, our hearts inspired, and our imaginations soaring! ✨🚀