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🚀 Inclusive innovators. Welcome to part 2 of EQNews, I’ll be your guide today Marcus Sawyerr, my aim is to empower Inclusive innovators and individuals through Careers, Community, Conversation, and Capital. Let's explore our stories and insights.

🌟 My Opinion on the Tech Layoffs, 🌟

As innovators, we must confront the reality of layoffs in the tech industry, especially as AI continues to disrupt the job market. Are overvaluation, over-hiring, inflation, or AI the primary drivers? It's a combination of all these factors.

💡Layoff waves often serve as an opportunity for companies to restructure vs save cost.

So, what can we do as innovative and inclusive thinkers to progress our careers and companies in this ever-changing landscape? Here are my top three suggestions:

1️⃣ Be at the forefront of evolution: Embrace the inevitable transformation and be the driving force behind it. Companies aim to stay lean to maximise shareholder returns, and it's crucial inclusive innovators adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve.

2️⃣Embracing diversity leads to richer perspectives, better decision-making, and competitive advantage.

3️⃣ Leverage your domain expertise: In our previous newsletter, I mentioned the importance of domain expertise as a key to unlocking success.

🪄 Data > Information > Domain insights> Knowledge > Wisdom.

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Member Spotlight

Fellow EQ member, Amani Martin, produced an insightful documentary about Michael Jordan's agent and the process of building a $200 million company from scratch. It was fascinating to learn about the business, basketball, and the journey to success. If you plan to watch Air, this will give you a great perspective! Be sure to check it out and connect with Amani, big congrats!

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